© 2019 By Annie Adam

For Her Eyes Only: Stories of Female Spies

During my fourth year at Edinburgh College of Art, I have written and illustrated a book telling the real-life stories of female spies, who have previously been undervalued.  While conflict is complex and dreadful and should by no means be idolised, this book hopes to commemorate and share the amazing stories of four women in espionage who fearlessly fought for freedom. 


This was in response to the paucity of strong female protagonists within children’s picture books. For instance, in TIME’s list of ‘100 Best Children’s Books of All Time’, only 53 books had female characters who spoke, let alone had a career or any autonomy.  My spy book endeavors to counteract this by inspiring the female reader — both young and old— that they too can fearlessly do a ‘man’s job’ well… maybe even better.


The illustrations collage together digital line work, pencil hand drawing and a range of textures.