© 2019 By Annie Adam

APH Studio

APH collective was formed to help rejuvenate the Edinburgh nightlife scene and provide a platform for young artists and designers to share their work. This was in response to the closure of many key nightlife venues in Edinburgh such as the Electric Circus and Studio 24 in 2017.  With the majority of Edinburgh's nightclub's now owned by large corporations there is undeniably less opportunity for creative freedom within them and for artists both visual and musical to share their talents; this is something we hope to address through our events. As students of Edinburgh College of Art ourselves, we felt that the was a lack of integration of the art college with the wider community and little opportunity to share our work. Through engaging the wider community with an array of exciting design work, within a nightlife context, we aim to inspire people outside of the art school to engage with the arts. We hope this will form a diverse community of creative people with a space to share and discuss work and exciting ideas in Edinburgh.


Through the fun design of promotional material for both our own and others events, we aim to create a sense of excitement within the nightlife scene. As designers ourselves we are particularly interested in using collage, traditional print techniques alongside digital and playfully abstracting shapes and typography; elements we bring into all our APH work.


At APH we work with local businesses that inspire and support creativity and diversity amongst the young population of Edinburgh. Such as Dahlia a lifestyle owned and run by a young creative and Hotline club night which supports young female and nonbinary DJ's. The endeavor has been a success thus far with the Bongos event being featured as the Skinny Magazines best event in Scotland that weekend.